The Perfect Gift for Christmas


I sat down with a good friend of mine and he made a great suggestion about perceived value of Christmas gifts. There is no doubt that everyone is shopping for some kind of Christmas Gifts. Some people look for gifts that are practical. Some people aim for gifts that are New and Funky. Some people look for a bargain…etc The Ultimate Wine Aerator is a very very innovative wine aerator release … Read More →

PREDICTIONS FOR 2012 (Year of Water Dragon) By Paul Ng


  Paul Ng Geomancer and Philosopher 24 Hyde Park Drive, Richmond Hill, Ont, Canada L4B 1V1 Tel: (416) 606-8332 Fax: (905) 881-8649 (Website) (Email)   GEOMANCY: A SYSTEM OF CONSTRUCTING A PREDICTIVE FIGURE ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF EARTH MAGIC. – Paul Ng   A. OVERALL PROJECTION This is the ninth year of the Lower “8” Cycle of the world. Based on I-Jing, while the period between 1984 … Read More →

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