We flew from Lima to Iquitos, after a 2 hour bus ride and 3 hour boat ride, we have arrived at the EcoLodge in Amazon jungle.  The most difficult part of the journey.


The 3 challenge for the Amazon Jungle :


1. Before the trip, we were told that we have 3 hours of electricity each night to shower, eat, and charge our electronics before light goes off in the main area. I then discovered there were only 3 wall outlets among 16 people. Luckily I brought with me the 10000 mAh solar charger to charge my phones, tablet, flashlight and camera.


10000 mAh Solar Panel Charger


2. Most amazon discovery excursions only allow one carry-on to bring on the boat: clothes, toiletry, flashlight, bugs repellant, First Aid Kit, water bottle, and snacks. I brought the 25L waterproof foldable backpack. Light weight and sturdy.



3) In Amazon jungle, the worst enemy is mosquito and bug. I am grateful that Omni apparel was able to deliver my Insect Shield tee shirt on a rush order. The insect shield tee shirt definitely works and I was able to survive the mosquito squad in the jungle (though I was sick for 3 days after the excursion).


Adult Zorrel® Dri- Balance™ Long-Sleeve Tee Shirt w/Insect Shield®



Photos from my trip


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