PREDICTIONS FOR 2012 (Year of Water Dragon) By Paul Ng


  Paul Ng Geomancer and Philosopher 24 Hyde Park Drive, Richmond Hill, Ont, Canada L4B 1V1 Tel: (416) 606-8332 Fax: (905) 881-8649 (Website) (Email)   GEOMANCY: A SYSTEM OF CONSTRUCTING A PREDICTIVE FIGURE ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF EARTH MAGIC. – Paul Ng   A. OVERALL PROJECTION This is the ninth year of the Lower “8” Cycle of the world. Based on I-Jing, while the period between 1984 … Read More →

New Tradeshows Ideas

Do you own a Blackberry or iPhone? One of the new items worth discussing is a NEW Micro fibre cleaner for the iphone or blackberry. * Pictures or company name can be imprinted on the micro fibre. * Remove the fingerprint and dirt in one swipe. When not in use, stick the imprinted side to your phone. * Self-adhesive is reusable for over 1000 times! * Excellent for mailing to … Read More →

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