Engineers scale 12

12″ Architect’s Scale Aluminium Ruler

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$10.00 - min 250pcs

Aluminum rotatable rod. 1 scale edge- 6 scales on rod. Read only one scale at a time. No searching for the right edge, no backward reading scales, no double reading scales. Useful tool that helps your customer. Keep your name on their desks. Individual polybag.


Product Description

-Made of durable aluminium

-Customizable, gets your name out

-Includes 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16, 3:8, and 3:16 inches to feet scale

-Innovative unique design: Rotate-to-adjust 6-sided scale marker rod makes it easier to use and more versatile

-1 scale edge instead of 6, so no searching for the right edge, backwards reading, or double reading scale unlike other scale rulers.

-Professional grade, smooth clean edges, aluminium won’t chip over time


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