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Super 7 Touchless key chain


$6.50 Super 7 key chain with O Ring
$10.00 Super 7 key chain with drawcord
Minimum quantity: 250 pieces.
Custom Insert Card require minimum 1000 pieces $150 set up
Engraving Set up $80.
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Product Description

Why Super 7 Touchless key chain?
With reports that coronavirus pathogens can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours, minimizing the frequency with which we touch things is paramount. 
Why Super 7 Touchless key chain from Alliance Creative Marketing?
1. Brass Material has proven to fight against the virus within 4 hours so you do not risk using fingers to touch different surfaces.
2. Your Logo will be engraved on the Touchless key chain and people always carry their keys, it is an excellent advertising piece.
Want more details:
  • [Door Handles] – Heading to the bank or into your office building? Super 7 TouchLess Keychain is able to do all that for you!
  • [Elevator Buttons] – Property Managers! Why not give the tenants a Super 7 Touchless key chain so they will not touch elevator buttons, as well as reinforce the importance of personal hygiene going forward.
  • [Self-Checkout] – Whether you are going grocery shopping or buying take-out from a restaurant. Don’t use your fingers because Super 7 Touchless Keychain is TouchScreen Compatible!
  • [Convenience] – Hook the Super 7 TouchLess Keychain or drawcord onto your set of keys and take it everywhere you go! You’re not going to leave your house without your keys right?
  • [Fight Against Virus] – Don’t risk using your hands and fingers on surfaces, but instead use Super 7 TouchLess Keychain to take the risk for you and fight against the Virus! Our brass material is superior to other brands and fights off all viruses within 4 hours whereas on the regular surface it can last for days!